My photography is largely about buildings in the landscape, and in towns and villages, and is mainly a documentary style. Cityscapes and coastalscapes are also an important part of my work.

My approach has been shaped by my career as an architect.  My images acknowledge the innovation and skills of our master craftsmen who have fashioned our vernacular architecture over hundreds of years. They have created our villages and towns that we and our visitors love so much. The beautiful details they have used, the scale of the spaces inside and between the buildings are what I am driven to record.

Most of my images have a GPS reference with map link which will show you where they are to be found.

My largest project recently has been to locate and record the main features of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site which was designated by UNESCO in 2006. This is the landscape and industrial archaeology of the past mining activity.

An on-going project is to locate and record Henry VIII’s coastal defences which he rushed into place after the break with Rome in 1535.